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Dear Friends! Here you will find machine embroidery designs, performed in various techniques – cross-stitch, standalone lace, regular embroidery, applique and cut-work. We’re excited to say that a few new 2-letter monograms are added to this category. I’ve tried to fulfill as many of your requests as possible, and moreContinue Reading

Sewing Information     Introduction   Sewing can be a very useful and rewarding hobby. There are a number of different types of sewing and they all serve their own unique purposes. You can also choose to sew by hand or learn to sew by machine, with each offering theirContinue Reading

We’re so close! Today I’m going to show you the steps for attaching the facing, so you’ll finally have a nice finished neckline edge. Start by ironing your interfacing on to your facing pieces. I make sure to always use a press cloth and a spritz of water for thisContinue Reading