Bev’s PREEMIE patterns

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Preemie Blankets

Bev’s Mouse Ears blankie (K)

Bev’s Preemie or Newborn PUFF Afghan (C)

Bev’s Preemie Baby ~ Bear Chart Blankie (C) Follow the chart and make an adorable 20″ preemie blanket. (You can also crochet around to make a larger blanket.)


Bev’s Baby Ribs Hat – sized from micro-preemie to 9 lb newborn 

Bev’s Beginner Preemie Hat (2 lbers) (K)

Bev’s Bumpy Baby Hat!  (C) can be adapted to any size

Bev’s Carousel Cap for Preemies  (C)

Bev’s Christmassy Preemie hat – (K)

Bev’s Crocheted Baby hat – in SC (C) at Touching Little Lives

Bev’s Easy Round Baby hat (C)

Bev’s Holiday Preemie hat (C) 

Bev’s Preemie Knit Hat (Photo) Easily made using double pointed needles.

Bev’s Micro-Preemie Bonnet (C)

Bev’s Micro-Preemie-Hat (K)  second pattern

Bev’s ‘Minion’ Preemie/Newborn hat (C) make lots for our hospitals!

Bev’s Size 3 needle Baby Hats (K) Newborn and preemie

Bev’s Plain Stripey Preemie Hat  (C)

Bev’s Preemie in the Round Hat ~ (C) crocheted (photo)

Bev’s Preemie Plum Hat
(C) fits 1 lber (plum sized head)

Bev’s Secret Striped Preemie Hat  (K)

Bev’s Summer Preemie hat ~  (C) crocheted in shells (photo), with link to matching booties!

Bev’s Stretchy Knit Preemie Cap  ~  (K) quick and cute!

Bev’s Triple Preemie Knit Hats ~  (K)

Brigit’s Bonnet – (C) micro-preemie sized

Bunny Preemie Hat with photo.(K)  Bev’s original design with special CRISS CROSS pompom topper.

and other designers ON BEV’S SITE

Barbara’s Sewn Baby Bonnet (S)

Barbie’s Teddy Bear Hat and Matching Booties  (K)

Barbie’s Butterfly Girl Preemie hat and booties (K)

Bonnet and Booties ~ (C)  Melinda Gorley’s (photo)

HoneyComb hat –  (K) with booties to match

Preemie Baby Bonnet–Sewing pattern from NANA

Patti’s Preemie hats – 2 ways!   (K)

Patti’s Preemie Hat and Toe-Up Booties!  (K)

Sandra’s Toboggan Hat    (C) for preemies

Sandras 2 Knit hats (#1) (K) 

Sandra’s Hats for Preemies (#2) (K) With photo

Sandra’s Preemie Twinkle Hat (K)

Teresa’s Preemie Hat(C)  fast and easy

Toni’s Bonnet and basic hat(C)

Several of Melinda Gorley’s Preemie patterns (C)

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preemie booties

Bev’s VERY Easy Preemie Booties –   Single Crocheted and incredibly easy to whip up- rave reviews on these booties from all around!  

Knitted Version of these easy booties by Linda!   

And a Shell Version by LaGonda! (C)

Bev’s Crocheted Preemie Tube Socks (C)

Bev’s Easy Knitted Preemie Booties and Matching Hat (K)

Bev’s Knit Tube socks for babies (K)

Bev’s “Marisa” Slippers-booties – will fit about a 3 lber can be adapted to any size.

Bev’s Plum Sized Preemie Cap (C)

Bev’s Thumb-Booties fit small (2-3 lb)  preemies (C)

Bev’s VERY easy Booties -preemie sized (C)

And other designers on BEV’S

Beth K’s Easy Knit Booties  (K)

Crocheted Preemie Baby Booties(C) 3 sizes of booties from Carewear

Crocheted Bootie Socks(C) (photo)

Joan’s Preemie Booties (K) really cute with mock cable

Karen’s Preemie booties in the round – (C) 

Kathy’s Precious Preemie booties – these are gorgeous!  (K)

LaGonda’s Bonnet –  (C) styled after Bev’s Booties!

Michelle’s Preemie to Newborn Booties and hat  (K)  

Kimberly’s Quick to make Booties–   (C)  Newborn, can be made preemie with smaller hook.

Sharon’s Preemie Baby Booties (C)

Ribbed preemie to newborn booties   (C)

UMC Preemie hat, and booties set. (C and K)

Yvonne’s Quick and Easy Preemie booties -(C) designed for 2-3 lbers

Linda’s Tiny Mittens (C) archived


Sweaters and outfits

Bernat Sweater garter set for preemies thru 12 months (K)

Bev’s Diaper T-Shirt   (C)

Bev’s Baby Dress for 4 lbers –   (C)  

5 Hour Quick-Knit Baby Sweater (K) Bev’s Newly adapted and changed pattern–works great!   Matching Booties! 

Crocheted Tiny Sweater in Shell st   (C) Tonis- now on Bev’s Country Cottage

Going Home Outfit  –(C)   3-5 lb preemies

Going Home Outfit II  (C)

Knit 3-5 lb Preemie Sweater (photo) (K)

Sue’s Little Sweater/Diaper set      (K) 

“Robin’s” Onsie  (C)

Preemie Wrap Sweater –  (C) Sandra Huffines

PDF Files for Various Preemie items 

posted with permission from Shelley McCoy:

(You must download Acrobat Reader (free version) to read these sewing patterns~ but they are worth it! There are no written directions but most go together with a few seams. Bev CANNOT help you with directions- sorry!)

Preemie 10 minute booties

DIRECTIONS to make 10 min bootie!

Preemie 30 minute booties ~ can be made with Polar Fleece

Preemie Bib

Preemie Shirt

Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece A

Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece B

Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece C

AFGHANS on Bev’s site

12″ Bev’s Preemie Blanket    (C) wonderfully soft and sweet – crocheted and tiny sized to keep little ones warm.

15″ (Sheila’s) Preemie Blanket    (C) for that tiny new baby! (Also works up quickly for animal shelter blankets).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Preemie Hats

Angel-Lace Preemie Cap – seamless – (K)

Baby Bowties Preemie hat (K)
Basic Charity Hat and Booties (K)   Archived–2013 50 page booklet of hats and more!  (K and C)

Creative Preemie Hat ~ (C)new location

Cute as as  Button Preemie hat and tube socks (K)  Archived

Eenie Meanie Minie Moe preemie hats (K)

GlowCanPick’s 2G topper hat

JoAnn’s Preemie crocheted hat (C)

Lace Preemie Beanie –    (K)

LaGonda’s Bonnet –  (C) styled after Bev’s Booties!

Michelle’s Machine Knit Preemie/newborn hats(MK)  archived copy

Miracle Preemie hat (C) 

Mock Rib and Eyelet Preemie hat (K) archived

Preemie Ribbed Hat (K) at HAIN – archived

Preemie hat (C) at Carewear.

Really cute knit hat (K) for preemies! archived copy

Patti’s Heart Hat and matching Booties – (K) SO cute!!

Patti’s NICU Ventilator Hat (K)

Patti’s Preemie Seashore hat (K)

Patti’s Ribbed Eyelet hat (K)

Preemie blanket with a twist (K)

Preemie hat and booties (C)   Archived copy – no photos anymore. 

Preemie Snuggle Cap – (C)   Archived copy (Mar 08) really cute from critterdesigns!

Spiral Preemie Hat(K) Archived copy

Tea Cosy Hat – from knitting fairy (K) 

UMC Preemie hat, and booties set. (C and K)

Ventilator Hat with Flap for Scans(K) Knitted

WoolWindings Preemie hat with topnotch— really cute!  (K)

Akron Children’s Hospital Preemie cap and bootie(K)

Carewear Preemie Mittens  (C)

Carol’s Bootie Pattern (K)

Crochet Simple Preemie Boooties(C) these are so cute. Done in round archived

Diana’s Thumbless Preemie Mitts 

Jean’s Fat little Baby Bootie –  (C) all sizes

Judy’s Cutie Premie Booties  (C)    

Knit4children Round Version of Becky’s Booties (K)

Lacy Top Booties for lg preemie (C)

Preemie 4 needle socks! (K) darling 2.5″ length

Ray of Hope Fave Preemie booties (K)

Terry’s Preemie booties (C)

Tiny Knitted Preemie socks (K)

Tiny Tube Socks – Archived copy (K) 

Preemie Mittens

Carewear Preemie Mittens (C)

Hugg’ems Preemie or newborn mitts –  (C) crochet with photo   Archived copy

Tiny Incubator Mittens (K)


Preemie Sweaters and sets

Baby Set for a 4-5 lb preemie  (K)  

Diana Renee Collection (rake or round loom with 20 pegs) at Gracielandcrafts

Donna’s Crocheted Sweater (C)

Forget Me Not Layette – P2 designs  (C)

Handknit Cardigan from Australia on Ray of Hope site

Heather Premature Baby Jacket – from Australia on Ray of Hope site (K) NEW!

Hooded Poncho and Leggings- preemie thru newborn – (C) SLK Designs

Little Boy Blue Outfit (C)   Archived copy

Long Preemie Jumpsuit (C)

Patti’s new Patriotic Preemie sweater (C) 

Preemie Angel Shell Sweater(C)   at Afghans for Angels

Preemie Cardigan (K)

Preemie Mock Rib Sweater -(MK) made on Bond Knitting Machine

Preemie Baby Kimono (k)

Preemie Patriotic Layette – Patti’s (K) hat, booties, sweater

Preemie Sweater (K) – 3 lb and 4-5 lb sizes

Shell Stitch Cardigan – for preemies  (C)

Sunsuit and sweater for preemies(Photo)  – At ‘Heart of Gold’s’ website   (K)   

V-Neck Tiny cardigan   (K)

Whole Preemie Set –    (K)   with sweater, hat and booties- – Archived

Onesies etc

Lion Brand Onsie (K) for older babies

Miss Marla’s Preemie onesie (C)

NICU smock for micro-preemie to newborns  (S)




15″ lovely knitted blankets- (K)  by Nancy Hearne

16″ Ben’s Preemie Blanket (K)

25″ Knit Isolette Cover Pattern (K) many ICU’s now cover the incubators to protect the preemies from noise and lights. Can also be made smaller just for
the baby.

Angelghan for Dennis(C) 1999 – preemie sized. Near bottom of the page.  No photo.

BB’s Basketweave Preemie Blanket(K)    –

archived  it’s beautiful! You will want to make this one.

Basketweave Blanket for preemies 20″ x 21″ (K) from ‘wishing I was knitting by the Lake’

Baby’s First Blanket – 24″ square – no tiny holes for tiny fingers to get stuck in. (K)

Bunny crocheted tiny bunny for sewing on preemie hats and blankets!

Easy Preemie Knit blanket(K) archived

Ellen’s Mindless Knitted afghan(K) archived

Janet’s Baby Blanket pattern  (C)

Number of preemie blankets (C) at Crochet Cabana

Patty’s 4-Square Afghan   (C)

SLK Preemie Afghan – 14″ x 17″  (C)

Snowflake Kisses afghan – 27″ square  (K)  

Waffle Afghan for Preemies  (K)

Yarncat’s 15″ preemie blanket   (C)

SEWING PATTERNS  -and pdf files   (S)

Preemie Bib   – so sweet.  Can be made for Christenings.


Preemie Sleeper from TLC

Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece A

Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece B

Sleepergown shirt for 2-3 lb baby ~ piece C

ZipFile Preemie gown- tiny–  Click on the teddy bear graphic to download the zip file.

Information about Carewear for Preemies  Find out about CareWear–dedicated to helping babies!

Where to Send Preemie and Newborn items
Bev’s CHARITY LINKS – charities of all kinds including premature baby ones.

~*~List of Carewear Hospitals ~*~ who need preemie and baby items.

Pediatric Intensive Care units in need

Stokes Memorial Fund ~ items needed for preemies in memory of their triplets who died.

Tenderhearted Volunteers Project – Mt Sanai in Milwaukee WI is in need of hats and preemie blankets

For misc. info on Preemie Twins

NeoNatal/Preemie hospitals listings

    Hook and Needle conversion chart for UK and metric
    Hospitals in need of preemie items
    How to Crochet or Knit

    Offsite Preemie baby doll pattern

    Bev’s Charity Links
    Head, Foot and Blanket Size charts

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